Sunday, 26 November 2017

Birth and Baby

Hi Everyone,

Sorry it has been so long since I last wrote. I have been focusing on falling into my new role as a Mum. Hope you are all doing well..

So. On Monday October the 2nd I hadn't been feeling baby move for a few hours so I got really concerned and rung my midwife, I was told to go straight to the hospital. After the two hour drive that felt like a life time at 9'0clock that night we finally got to Roma hospital. When I got there I rung the buzzer for them to let me in and I was taken straight up to maternity ward. My belly and I were put straight onto a monitor so that they could see what was going on. They told me that the baby was fine, after half an hour of being on the monitor they noticed that I was having what looked like small contractions but I wasn't feeling any of it. I stayed in hospital that night and was put on the monitor again that morning and the doctor come and spoke to me and we spoke about options as I would be a week over on Wednesday, they spoke about starting an induction on Wednesday night. I had a few stretch and sweeps but nothing was happening, I hadn't dilated at all. So, on Wednesday night they started the induction, I woke up on Thursday morning and there was no change so at 6:30 they put me on the drip to get things going. I was an hour in and I was on the gas and in the shower, at 12 the pain was unbearable so I was given the epidural, there was still no change I was only 1cm dilated. at 7pm there was still nothing happening I was 2cm dilated and things just weren't happening. It was decided that I needed to have a C-section. My husband was able to come in with me and Mum was able to sit outside the surgery room and wait for the baby to come. The cord was wrapped around his little neck and he just couldn't come down. He finally made his arrival healthy and handsome at 8:17pm on the 5th of October weighing 7.14pounds.

Meet William (Billy) Reginald Robinson!!

I was able to come home the following Monday from the hospital. Due to having the C-section I wasn't able to do anything for 6 weeks (including the cleaning and washing) so Mum stayed out for a few days, when she left two of my husbands sisters came out for the weekend and then Mum came out again for a few days and I decided to go back home with Mum so that everyone could meet Billy.

I am enjoying this new chapter in my life so much, I love every aspect of parenting, there are hard days but way more good then bad! Billy is such a good little boy! He is a great feeder and sleeper, I have nothing to complain about that's for sure!

Cassie xo

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